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What are the 3 main Streams of Abundance?

  • Abundance of Love

    Here you will find people who are ready to share their love and want to make a difference in the world. We do everything from the heart, and we are ready to help you find appreciation for life. Inside of you resides an infinite source of Love, and we are here to remind you of it! If we want to change the world, we have to spread this love to as many people as we can, and this is the goal of this platform and this movement

  • Abundance of Freedom

    The goal of what we do here is to spread abundance to everyone who participates. The Streams of Abundance is an extension of the Youniverse in Resonance movement, which aims at creating an online residual income to every single individual who decides to join. True freedom lies in the ability to fully be yourself with no judgement, and the Youniverse in Resonance is a movement that aims to get everyone to be the best versions of themselves they can be, in order for us to amplify each-others joy.

  • Abundance of Health

    The third stream is one of vitality. As you become more of who you are, you realize that health is the real wealth, and in the main website I lay out a protocol that anyone from anywhere in the world can get back to a state of optimal health. All the tools are intertwined, and what we use to spread the abundance is actually the tools that allow optimal vitality. Its a win-win across the board!